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Journal of STEM Education

Dec 23, 2015 Volume 16, Number 4

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  1. Examining the Relationship of Scientific Reasoning with Physics Problem Solving

    Carol Fabby, University of Cincinnati

    Recent research suggests students with more formal reasoning patterns are more proficient learners. However, little research has been done to establish a relationship between scientific reasoning... More

  2. Teaching Steel Connections Using an Interactive Virtual Steel Sculpture

    Saeed Moaveni, Minnesota State University, Mankato; Karen Chou, Northwestern University

    Steel connections play important roles in the integrity of a structure, and many structural failures are attributed to connection failures. Connections are the glue that holds a structure together.... More

  3. Contribution Form

    P Raju

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  4. Redesigned High Schools for Transformed STEM Learning: Performance Assessment Pilot Outcome

    Jeremy Ernst, Virginia Tech; Elizabeth Glennie, Research Triangle Institute

    This performance assessment pilot study was a major research component of the overall National Science Foundation funded Redesigned High Schools for Transformed STEM Learning Project. Secondary... More

  5. JSTEM Back Cover

    P Raju

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  6. STEM Learning Community: An Interdisciplinary Seminar for First- and Second-year College Science Majors

    Jon Piper, Bethel College

    To attract and retain more academically qualified students to science and mathematics, we developed a merit-based scholarship program for incoming students with STEM interests. Scholarship... More

  7. A case for the need of using scaffolding methods in teaching introductory, fundamental engineering mechanics classes

    Peggy Boylan-Ashraf, Steven Freeman & Mack Shelley, Iowa State University

    In the past ten years, engineering classrooms have seen an exponential growth in the use of technology, more than during any other previous decade. Unprecedented advancements, such as the advent of... More

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    P Raju

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  9. Implementation of a modular hands-on learning pedagogy: Student attitudes in a fluid mechanics and heat transfer course

    Jacqueline Burgher, Washington State University

    This study used a within-subjects experimental design to compare the effects of learning with lecture and hands-on desktop learning modules in a fluid mechanics and heat transfer class. The hands... More

  10. Thank You, Reviewers

    P Raju

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  11. Gender Differences in Conceptualizations of STEM Career Interest: Complementary Perspectives from Data Mining, Multivariate Data Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling

    Gerald Knezek, University of North Texas

    Data gathered from 325 middle school students in four U.S. states indicate that both male (p < .0005, RSQ = .33) and female (p < .0005, RSQ = .36) career aspirations for being a scientist are... More

  12. Discovering the Needs Assessment of Qualified STEM Teachers for the High-Need Schools in South Texas

    Jeong Yang, Texas A&M University-Kingsville

    Concerns are arising in the United States that a majority of secondary school students fail to achieve mathematics and science proficiency due to teachers who lack adequate knowledge of the... More

  13. Instructions for Authors

    P Raju

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