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Science Scope

July 2005 Volume 28, Number 8

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  1. More Ergo, Less Aargh!

    Ken Roy

    Unless the teacher is working at an ergonomically designed workstation, using a computer can result in eyestrain, neck aches, backaches, and headaches. Unfortunately, most teachers do their... More

    pp. 50-51

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  2. Presenting Mitosis

    Stephanie Roche & Donna R. Sterling

    When the topic of cell division is introduced in the classroom, students can showcase their interpretations of the stages of mitosis by creating a slide show illustrating prophase, metaphase,... More

    pp. 52-53

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  3. Testing the pH of Soft Drinks

    Edwin P. Christmann & Adam J. Holy

    In this article, the authors describe how to use a TI-73/83/84 graphing calculator and Vernier's LabPro/CBL2 probe system to take pH readings. This is not an endorsement of these products, but... More

    pp. 54-55

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