Global Usage Statistics for September 2018

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A total of 194,524 sessions.

Sessions over Time
Date Sessions
Sep 01, 2018 3811
Sep 02, 2018 4162
Sep 03, 2018 8414
Sep 04, 2018 5717
Sep 05, 2018 6265
Sep 06, 2018 5757
Sep 07, 2018 5158
Sep 08, 2018 6352
Sep 09, 2018 5547
Sep 10, 2018 6246
Sep 11, 2018 6748
Sep 12, 2018 6851
Sep 13, 2018 8802
Sep 14, 2018 5588
Sep 15, 2018 5036
Sep 16, 2018 5356
Sep 17, 2018 6248
Sep 18, 2018 9286
Sep 19, 2018 6976
Sep 20, 2018 6825
Sep 21, 2018 5682
Sep 22, 2018 6737
Sep 23, 2018 7956
Sep 24, 2018 7081
Sep 25, 2018 7036
Sep 26, 2018 6927
Sep 27, 2018 7226
Sep 28, 2018 8890
Sep 29, 2018 5926
Sep 30, 2018 5918
Most Active Institutions
Institution Sessions
Freie Universitaet Berlin 822
Liberty University 281
North West University 256
Australian Catholic University 222
Murdoch University Library 204
AACE 166
University of Phoenix 159
National Taiwan Normal University MG201801529 153
North Carolina State University 149
University of Gothenburg 128
Curtin University Library 128
University of South Florida 111
Edith Cowan University 101
Michigan State University 98
Capella University 95
Macquarie University 93
Monash University 92
The Education University of Hong Kong 92
National Institute of Education 90
FernUniversitaet in Hagen 88
Nova Southeastern University 81
Swinburne University of Technology 81
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) 78
George Mason University 76
Northeastern University (Snell Library) 74
University of North Texas Lib 73
Most Active Countries
Country Sessions
United States 4058
Australia 1403
Germany 975
Canada 435
South Africa 324
Hong Kong 238
Sweden 155
United Kingdom 115
Singapore 107
Finland 105
New Zealand 90
Norway 78
Malaysia 74
Turkey 62
Netherlands 51
Ireland 48
Brazil 38
Belgium 35
Taiwan 35
Namibia 26

Journals & Conferences

Most Accesed Journals
Journal Sessions
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education 4820
International Journal of Education and Development using ICT 4734
Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 4592
International Journal on E-Learning 3164
Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia 3027
Journal of Information Technology Education: Research 2564
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) 2478
Journal of Interactive Learning Research 2425
Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching 2413
AACE Journal 2320
Computers & Education 2135
Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society 1902
The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning 1839
Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology / La revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie 1757
International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences 1678
Innovate: Journal of Online Education 1515
Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects 1499
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 1421
Educational Technology 1194
Quarterly Review of Distance Education 1139
Most Accesed Conferences
Conference Sessions
Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference 16319
EdMedia + Innovate Learning 10516
E-Learn: World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare, and Higher Education 5734
Global Learn 915
ASCILITE - Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education Annual Conference 470
Proceedings of the Informing Science and Information Technology Education Conference 436
TCC 318
WebNet World Conference on the WWW and Internet 287
International Conference on Mathematics / Science Education and Technology 31
Global TIME 28
American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting 22
Mid-South Instructional Technology Conference 12
Selected Research and Development Presentations at the 1996 National Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology 5
TVET Teacher Education on the Threshold of Internationalisation 5

Top Articles & Conference Papers

Most Viewed Articles
Title Count
NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Higher Education Edition 928
The Roles of Artificial Intelligence in Education: Current Progress and Future Prospects 818
What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? 714
Blended Learning Environments: Definitions and Directions 668
The World is Open: How Web Technology Is Revolutionizing Education 640
Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Eight Keys to Success 560
NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Higher Education Edition 554
Big Data Emerging Technology: Insights into Innovative Environment for Online Learning Resources 507
Digital Literacy: A Conceptual Framework for Survival Skills in the Digital era 473
Osmosis and Diffusion 472
Thinking Technology: Toward a Constructivist Design Model 449
New technologies for teaching and learning: Challenges for higher learning institutions in... 354
Characteristics of Adult Learners With Implications for Online Learning Design 338
A Review of Benefits and Limitations of Online Learning in the Context of the Student, the... 314
Classroom Management and Discipline: The Polytechnic University of the Philippines Laboratory... 289
The International Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Secondary Education: Part 2 273
Teachers’ Views on Factors Affecting Effective Integration of Information Technology in the... 247
Use of Educational Technology in Promoting Distance Education 246
Comparative Analysis of Learner Satisfaction and Learning Outcomes in Online and Face-to-Face... 244
An Introduction to Current Trends and Benefits of Mobile Wireless Technology Use in Higher Education 211
Most Downloaded Articles
Title Count
NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Higher Education Edition 710
Problems of policy formulation and implementation: The case of ICT use in rural women’s... 473
What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? 410
NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Higher Education Edition 378
New technologies for teaching and learning: Challenges for higher learning institutions in... 332
Big Data Emerging Technology: Insights into Innovative Environment for Online Learning Resources 312
Characteristics of Adult Learners With Implications for Online Learning Design 258
Effectiveness of AutoCAD 3D Software as a Learning Support Tool 245
Digital Literacy: A Conceptual Framework for Survival Skills in the Digital era 201
Learning, Creating, and Using Knowledge: Concept maps as facilitative tools in schools and... 198
The SAMR Model as a Framework for Evaluating mLearning 177
The Delphi Method for Graduate Research 158
Impact of Instructional Materials in Teaching and Learning of Biology in Senior Secondary Schools... 156
Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Eight Keys to Success 142
Changing the Game: What Happens when Video Games Enter the Classroom? 132
The role of ICTs in higher education in South Africa: one strategy for addressing teaching and... 128
Effects of Online Games on Student Performance in Undergraduate Physics 128
Models for Sustainable Open Educational Resources 127
What Can You Learn from a Cell Phone? Almost Anything! 117
Information and communication technologies to raise quality of teaching and learning in higher... 110
Most Emailed Articles
Title Count
Strengthening IT Curriculum by Improving Problem Solving Skills with Programming 99
Teaching History and Geography with FutureFone: A Computer Simulation of Telecommunications in... 95
Enhancing the Preservice Teacher Experience Through Technology Implementation 12
Something for Everyone? An Evaluation of the Use of Audio-Visual Resources in Geographical... 6
Organizational and Social Factors in the Adoption of Intranet 2.0: A Case Study 5
The Great Firewall of China 4
A Comparison of Traditional and World Wide Web Methodologies, Computer Anxiety, and Higher Order ... 4
The Journey of Four Art Educators: Investigating the Educational Potential of Podcasts 4
Using a social networking site for experiential learning: Appropriating, lurking, modeling and... 4
Cooperative extension and the information technology era: An assessment of current competencies... 4
Feed and farm supply store managers' perceptions of employee training as a contributor to... 4
A study of African American males and their response to online learning 4
Media literacy and video technology: Educational and motivational tools to empower African... 4
Society, Culture, and Technology Ten Lessons for Educators, Developers, and Digital Scientists 4
Professors’ Mix of Open and Sharing Practices 3
Access to Equal Opportunities: Building of a Virtual Classroom within Two 'Conventional' Schools 3
Defining the Context of Early Computer Learning for African American Males in Urban Elementary... 3
CyberTutor, a Socratic Web-based Homework Tutor 2
Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers Today: Using Videos of Technology-Using Teachers to Enhance Pre... 2
Transforming Traditional Curricula: Enhancing Medical Education through Multimedia and Web-based ... 2