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Creating Graphic Displays on Non-Graphics Terminals. Technical Report No. 5
Computer Supported Instruction in California Elementary and Secondary Schools. A Status Report
Effects of Test Length and Advancement Score on Several Criterion-Referenced Test Reliability and Validity Indices. Laboratory of Psychometric and Evaluation Research Report No. 86
An Overview of the Computer as Teacher: A Progress Report of a Research Project to Introduce Diagnostic Testing and Computerized Instruction into the Composition Program at Northeast Missouri State University
Is Micro-Computer Assisted Basics Skills Instruction Good for Black, Disadvantaged Community College Students from Watts and Similar Communities? A Preliminary, Fall Semester 1981-82 Mini Audit Report Suggests Caution
Report from the National Specialized Center Computer Assisted Instruction in Economics
Report of the "KPBS Interactive Videotex Project."
Subject Access: Report of a Meeting Sponsored by the Council on Library Resources (Dublin, Ohio, June 7-9, 1982)
Implementing Computer Technology in a Classroom Setting: An Anecdotal Report of Long Term Use
A Study of the Use of Office Technology and the Changing Role of the Management Support Staff in the Modern Office. Final Report
State-Wide Microcomputer Software for Fiscal and Evaluation Reporting. [and] West Virginia Microcomputer Budget File, 1983: Apple II+ Version
Symbionic Technology and Education. Report 83-02
Computer-Based Simulations for Maintenance Training: Current ARI Research. Technical Report 544
Issue Management by School Superintendents: Final Report. Part II
Item Analysis Appropriate for Domain-Referenced Classroom Testing. (Project Technical Report Number 1)
Individualized Report Assignments via Computer
Taking a 'Byte' out of the New Computer Induced Cultural Imperialism: A Report of an Australian Initiative
Integrated Circuits/Segregated Labor: Women in Three Computer-Related Occupations. Project Report No. 84-A27
A Report from the Barricades of the Computer Revolution on Campus
Education and Training in Japan in the Cybernetic Age. Program Report No. 85-B2