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“Plan B”: Education to Improve the World

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Today, what the world offers our kids as education is pretty much the same everywhere — albeit with a wide range of quality and success. I call it “Plan A” education — it’s what all of us experienced. It is based on an “academic model” with the goal of “learning now, so you can accomplish later.” The curriculum is a narrow range of subjects — math, English/local language, science and social studies (“The MESS”). Today, everything that goes on under the name of “education reform,” is about doing “Plan A” better — by by including more underserved kids, by adding STEM and the arts, by adding more and more technology, by adding new types of schools (e.g. charters), and by adding so-called “21st century skills.” Unfortunately, “an improved Plan A”, is not what today’s and tomorrow’s empowered kids need — Plan A no longer fits the world in which our kids live. Tomorrow’s kids need — and want — a new “Plan B” education — one that further empowers them to make the world a better place by continuously accomplishing world-improving projects while they are still students, through a process of “accomplish now, learn as you do so.” Plan B education has NEW ENDS: (improving the world and becoming good, effective world-improving people), NEW MEANS: (real-world projects all through school), and NEW SUPPORT: (a new, broader curriculum, of Effective Thinking, Effective Action, Effective Relationships and Effective Accomplishment.) We are just beginning to see elements of “Plan B” emerging, in pockets, around the globe. This talk is about why “Plan B” is a far better education for tomorrow’s kids, what it looks like, and how to get there.


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