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Skills for Work Online Program

, Vancouver Island University, Canada ; , International Education Management, Canada

Global Learn, in Online, Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)


The Skills for Work Online Program involves the Work Preparation Course, the Entrepreneurship Course and the Computer Training Course, all offered via the e-learning principles on the Internet. The Preparation for Work employment course consists of resume writing, researching companies, and preparing for job interviews. The unique section on Career planning was found necessary for managing change in students by developing a step-by-step plan for leading students to self-efficacy. The second component-Entrepreneurship course introduces students to skills who choose to start a business. In the present economy, it is very likely that many people will consider creating their own businesses to find employment This program is based on the DACUUM model which involves local business and Universities working together to train students for creating jobs in the local community. Finally the third component, a basic Computer Training program enables beginning students to develop computer proficiency in the Windows operating system and necessary Business Computer applications


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