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Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2012

, University of Nevada, Reno ; , simSchool

Published . ISBN 978-1-8800-9496-9 Publisher: Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education.


This book includes 23 selected papers submitted by members of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE). The book is available in both digital and hard copy formats.


Maddux, C.D. & Gibson, D. (2012). Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2012. Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education. Retrieved January 27, 2023 from .

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    TPACK: TeChnologiCAl, PedAgogiCAl, ConTenT Knowledge

    1. Testing an Instrument Using Structured Interviews to Assess Experienced Teachers’ TPACK 15
      Judi Harris, Neal Grandgenett, and Mark Hofer (USA)
    2. Using TPACK for Analysing Teachers’ Task Design: Understanding Change in a 1:1-Laptop Setting 23
      Martin Tallvid, Johan Lundin and Berner Lindström (Sweden)
    3. TPACK Research with Inservice Teachers: Where’s the TCK? 31
      Mark Hofer and Judi Harris (USA)
    4. SimulATionS in TeACher eduCATion 37
      Teacher Education with simSchool David Gibson (USA)
    5. Simulating Students with Learning Disabilities in Virtual Classrooms: A Validation Study 45
      Sita Periathiruvadi, Tandra Tyler-Wood, Gerald Knezek, and Rhonda Christensen (USA)
    6. Situated Online: Theoretical Underpinnings of Field Experiences in Virtual School Settings 53
      Leanna Archambault and Kathryn Kennedy (USA)
    7. STem TeAChing And leArning 61
      New Technology Tools for Science Teachers to Consider: A Case Study of an Online Biology Lab Gregory MacKinnon, Eric Alcorn, and Trevor Avery (USA)
    8. Effective Use of Online Quizzes in Science Courses 77
      William Stowe and Lin Lin (USA)
    9. Using Technology in Training Elementary Mathematics Teachers, The Development of TPACK Knowledge 83
      Beth Bos and Kathryn S. Lee (USA)
    10. web 2.0 And SoCiAl neTworKing 91
      Developing Pre-Service Teachers ́ Competencies in Using Technologies in the Classroom: An Example From Portugal Clara Pereira Coutinho (Portugal)
    11. Using Online Learning Networks to Promote Self-Regulated Learning in Primary Teacher Education 101
      Emmy Vrieling, Theo Bastiaens and Sjef Stijnen (Netherlands)
    12. Preservice Teachers’ Personality, Motives, Motivation, and Attitudes Associated with the Use of Social Network
Services: Facebook Case 109
      Oǧuzhan Atabek (Turkey
    13. informAl leArning 117
      InteractiveSchoolWall: A Digital Enriched Learning Environment for Systemic-Constructive Informal Learning Processes Thomas Winkler, Martina Ide, and Michael Herczeg (Germany)
    14. Parents’ Influence on Adolescent Children’ Media-multitasking Attitudes and Behaviors 127
      Lin Lin, Kim Nimon, and David Bonner (USA)
    15. imPACT STudieS 133
      Examining the Impact of the Professional Development Model for International Educators on Greek Teachers Debra R Sprague, Anastasia Kitsantas, Beverly Shaklee, and Maria Katradis (USA and Greece)
    16. Interactive white boards: Is it worth it? Use in Four Western PA K-12 Schools 141
      Yehuda Peled, Mandy Medvin and Linda Domanski (Israel and USA)
    17. Issues in the Transformation of Teaching with Technology 149
      Shelley Goldman and Robert Lucas (USA)
    18. A Study of the Effectiveness of Technology Integration Training on Student Achievement 157
      Scott Elliot and Cathy Mikulas (USA)
    19. online And blended leArning 167
      Cognitive Presence Characteristics of Online and Face-to-face Discussions in a Blended Course Petrea Redmond (Australia)
    20. Generalized Checklist Significance in Improving Timeliness in Asynchronous Distance Education 175
      Terence Cavanaugh, Marcia Lamkin, and Haihong Hu (USA)
    21. Learning Motivation and Student Academic Dishonesty – A Comparison Between Face-To-Face And Online Courses 181
      Yehuda Peled, Casimir Barczyk, Yovav Eshet, and Keren Grinautski (Israel)
    22. Teacher Credibility: How Presentation Modalities Affect Teacher Education Students’ Perceived Credibility of Information 189
      Jenna L. Sexton and Cleborne D. Maddux (USA)