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Optimizing the Blogfolio Experience

, SIM University, Singapore

AACE Award

Global Learn, in Penang, Malaysia ISBN 978-1-880094-79-2 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)


The blogging sensation has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years for it to become a transformational technology for teaching and learning. The affordances of a blog allow for knowledge sharing, reflection, creativity and collaborative activity. This makes the blog ideal for use as an eportfolio, or blogfolio. This paper presents the factors correlated with student satisfaction in the use of blogfolios. It is based on statistical analysis of data collected from students involved in a pilot implementation of blogfolios. Blogfolios were used as a form of assessment in an undergraduate module under the University’s Communications programme. Factors like increased confidence in expression, opportunities for analysis and reflection and involvement in the (co)creation process will be elaborated upon. The paper will also touch on the unavoidable problem of copyright in the use of blogfolios for teaching and learning. Guidelines based on consensus among instructors and the University are essential for a more enriching and social experience for students.


Tan, V. (2010). Optimizing the Blogfolio Experience. In Z. Abas, I. Jung & J. Luca (Eds.), Proceedings of Global Learn Asia Pacific 2010--Global Conference on Learning and Technology (pp. 149-158). Penang, Malaysia: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved April 20, 2019 from .


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