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Keynote: School After COVID

, Boise State University, United States


The coronavirus pandemic disrupted education in ways no one could have imagined. Some have suggested that this crisis will change our educational systems in a permanent way. My hope is that it will change for the better. Perhaps it is the forced change that we needed to move away from antiquated systems that rely on ways of teaching and assessment of learning that don’t necessarily serve the needs of the most important stakeholder, the learner. Remote learning forced a shift in mindset and perspective and an understanding that it’s effectiveness depended on student-centered instructional approaches that rely more on mastery and less on time, more on student-needs and less on institutional needs, and a better understanding of how technology is an important tool to support student learning. In addition, the technology access issues that have plagued us for years have come fully to light, prompting some pretty drastic measures and very creative solutions. We no longer have excuses for continued equity disparities in the quality of an educational experience or the access to one. This talk will focus on reflecting on our lessons learned and how we might move forward after the crisis has passed. By: Kerry Rice, Professor & Fulbright Scholar, Boise State University


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