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Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2013

Published . ISBN 978-1-9397-9704-9 Publisher: Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education, Chesapeake, VA.


Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education is now in its fifth year of publication, and has become one of the most important journals for the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE). This journal represents the best of the scholarship offered at the SITE 2013 international conference.


L. Liu, D. Gibson & C. Maddux (Eds.). (2013). Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2013. Chesapeake, VA: Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education. Retrieved December 10, 2023 from .

Table of Contents

Forward 5
Preface 7
Reviewers 12
Revisioning Teacher Preparation for Mobility: DualImperatives 13
Peter R .Albion, Romina Jamieson Proctor, Wendy Fassoand Petrea Redmond
The Role of Handheld Computing in Facilitating Teacher Resiliency through Problem Solving 23
Irina Falls and Rita Hagevik
Knowledge and Practices Relating to Netbook Use: The Voices of Primary School Children in St. Vincent and the Grenadines 33
Coreen J. Leacock, S. Joel Warrican and Andrea Veira
Is There Anybody Out There: Twitter asa Support Environment for First Year Teachers' Online Induction Workshop 41
Yehuda Peled and Efrat Pieterse
Assessment Practices that Support Deeper Learning in Online Learning Communities 49
David Gibson, Alexander Halavais, Nils Peterson, Philipp Schmidt and Chloe Varelidi
Designing for Critical Thinking and Learning: Online Communication Platforms in Teacher Education 57
Tina L. Heafner, Teresa M. Petty, Michelle Plaisance and Abiola Farinde
Students Being Teachers: Foucault’s Eventalizationinan Authentic ELearning Hybrid Course 65
Christopher Worthman
Parent Involvement and Student/Parent Satisfaction in Cyber Schools 73
Dennis Beck, Robert Maranto and Wen Juo Lo
Pre Service Mathematics Teachers’ Growth in Incorporating Technology into their Teaching Practices 81
Barbara Ann Swartz and Joe Garofalo
The PBLTECH Project: Web Based Tools and Resources to Support Problem Based Learning in Pre Service Teacher Education 91
Thomas Brush, Krista Glazewski, Anne Ottenbreit Leftwich, John Saye, Zhizhen Zhangand Sungwon Shin
TPACK: Exploring a Secondary Pre Service Teachers’ Context 101
Petrea Redmond and Jennifer Lock
Pen Casting in a Teacher Education Program 109
Nancy B. Sardone and Barbara Cordasco
Aspects of an Emerging Digital Ethnicity 117
Nan B. Adams and Thomas A. DeVaney
The Effects of Student Response Systems (SRSs) on Eighth Grade PreAlgebra Students’ Achievement and Engagement 125
Lauren Happel, Sanghoon Park and Ron McBride
Do Gender and ADHD Affect Media Multitasking Attitudes and Behaviors? 135
Lin Lin, David Bonner and Kim Nimon
Examining Factors Affecting Beginning Teachers’ Transfer of Learning of ICT Enhanced Learning Activities in Their Teaching Practice 141
Douglas D. Agyei and Joke M. Voogt
How People, Tools and Rules Enhance or Inhibit Technology Use in the K12 Classroom: A Design Based Activity Systems Analysis 151
John Cowan and Mayra Daniel
The Challenges and Supports of Teaching Geometry in a 1:1 Classroom 161
Anthony Dove
Teachers Teaching Teachers Technology: An Innovative PK12 Professional Development Program 169
Mark W. Simpson and Sheila Bolduc Simpson
Using Technology to Promote Mentoring and Reflection between Beginning and Experienced Math Teachers 179
Denise Johnson, Farrah M. Jackson and Nancy Ruppert