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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

October 2021 Volume 29, Number 3


Karl Kosko; Richard E. Ferdig Ferdig; Lionel Roche

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Conceptualizing a Shared Definition and Future Directions for Extended Reality (XR) in Teacher Education

    Karl W. Kosko & Richard E. Ferdig, Kent State University, United States; Lionel Roche, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco

    Scholarship on extended reality (XR) in teacher education is emerging at an increasing rate. As additional forms of XR become more common in the profession, there is a need for teacher educators to... More

    pp. 257-277

  2. Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Reflective Noticing from 360-degree Video Recordings of Their Own Teaching

    Orly Buchbinder, Sophia Brisard, Rebecca Butler & Sharon McCrone, University of New Hampshire, United States

    The benefits of using video in teacher education as a tool for reflection and developing professional expertise have long been recognized. Recent introduction of 360 video technology holds promise ... More

    pp. 279-308

  3. Investigating Student Teachers’ Noticing Using 360 Video of their Own Teaching

    Tracy L. Weston, Middlebury College, United States; Julie M. Amador, University of Idaho, United States

    This case study investigated the focus and characteristics of two student teachers’ noticing when viewing 360 video of their own teaching. Changes in noticing based on changes in prompts and... More

    pp. 309-338

  4. Immersive Presence for Future Educators: Deconstructing the concept of presence in extended reality environments for preservice teachers

    Enrico Gandolfi, Christine Austin, Jennifer Heisler & Maryam Zolfaghari, Kent State University, United States

    Immersive videos for training pre-service teachers (PST) are becoming increasingly important and, yet, inadequately investigated. This article focuses on the role of presence as a possible aid in... More

    pp. 339-367

  5. Enriching Internship with 360° Video

    Lionel Roche, Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique, Morocco; Ian Cunnigham, Ontario Tech University, Canada; Cathy Rolland, Université Clermont Auvergne, France

    360° video is a new tool for pre-service teacher eduation and is becoming more and more widely used. Our study, carried out using a mixed method, has shown that the use of 360° video can be a tool ... More

    pp. 369-388

  6. Using Mixed Reality Simulation and Roleplay to Develop Preservice Teachers’ Metacognitive Awareness

    Sara E. Luke, Deana Ford & Michelle Vaughn, Mercer University, United States; Angelica Fulchini-Scruggs, University of Central Florida, United States

    Scholars have advocated for practice-based experiences, including high-leverage practices and metacognition, to be incorporated within preservice teacher programs, as they have the most pervasive... More

    pp. 389-413

  7. Teaching in a 3D Virtual World - Defining Teacher Practices

    Sarah Prestridge, Beryl Exley, Donna Pendergast, Mia O'Brien, Deniese Cox & Mirjam Schmid, Griffith University, Australia

    With the increase in distance and online teaching for mainstream schooling contexts, the advocacy of using a virtual world as a teaching and learning place has accelerated. Currently, there is no... More

    pp. 415-445