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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

January 2017 Volume 25, Number 1


Richard Hartshorne

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Maker Principles and Technologies in Teacher Education: A National Survey

    Jonathan Cohen, Georgia State University, United States

    Broadly speaking, the maker movement is characterized by people who engage in the construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of physical artifacts, and who share both the process of making... More

    pp. 5-30

  2. What the Tech is Going on with Teachers’ Digital Teaching Portfolios? Using the TPACK Framework to Analyze Teachers’ Technological Understanding

    Matthew Koehler, Spencer Greenhalgh, Joshua Rosenberg & Sarah Keenan, Michigan State University, United States

    Despite the growing popularity of digital teaching portfolios, research has remained focused on outcomes associated with making digital teaching portfolios instead of examining the ways in which... More

    pp. 31-59

  3. Mobile technology in hospital schools: What are teachers’ professional learning needs?

    Aidan McCarthy, Dorit Maor & Andrew McConney, Murdoch University, Australia

    Hospitalised students cannot attend their regular schools and as a result their educational progress and development can suffer. In an attempt to address this, hospital schools provide learning... More

    pp. 61-89

  4. Using Virtual Role-Play to Enhance Teacher Candidates’ Skills in Responding to Bullying

    Deborah Schussler, Jennifer Frank, Tsan-Kuang Lee & Julia Mahfouz, Pennsylvania State University, United States

    Nearly one in three students in the United States today is negatively impacted by bullying. Teachers can play a critical role in stopping bullying-related violence, but many struggle with how to... More

    pp. 91-120