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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

April 2013 Volume 21, Number 2


Richard E. Ferdig

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. The Gamer Generation Teaches School: The Gaming Practices and Attitudes towards Technology of Pre-Service Teachers

    Elisabeth Hayes & Maryellen Ohrnberger, Arizona State University, United States

    The purpose of this study was to identify the gaming practices of freshmen undergraduate teacher education students. We also investigated how students who play games compared to non-gamers in their... More

    pp. 154-177

  2. Assessing Preservice Teachers' Information and Communication Technologies Knowledge

    Cindy Kovalik, Chia-Ling Kuo & Aryn Karpinski, Kent State University, United States

    The impact of a redesigned educational technology course on preservice teachers’ knowledge and skills with regard to information and communications technology as defined by ISTE’s National... More

    pp. 179-202

  3. Learning to integrate new technologies into teaching and learning through a design-based model of professional development

    Susan O'Hara, Stanford University, United States; Robert Pritchard, California State University Sacramento, United States; Cammy Huang, Stanford University, United States; Shannon Pella, University of California, United States

    ** Invited as a paper from SITE 2011 ** As multimedia and technological savvy continue to expand existing notions of contemporary literacy, the need to prepare teachers to use a variety of... More

    pp. 203-223

  4. Examining the Roles of the Facilitator in Online and Face-to-Face Professional Development Contexts

    Gina Park, The University of Michigan, United States; Heather Johnson, Vanderbilt University, United States; Richard Vath, The University of Michigan, United States; Beth Kubitskey, Eastern Michigan University, United States; Barry Fishman, The University of Michigan, United States

    Online teacher professional development has become an alternative to face-to-face professional development. Such a shift from face-to-face to online professional development, however, brings new... More

    pp. 225-245

  5. Web conferencing of pre-service teachers’ practicum in remote schools

    Donna Gronn, Geoff Romeo, Sue McNamara & Yiong Hwee Teo, Australian Catholic University, Australia

    The purpose of this study was to field-test several conferencing technologies in regional schools to determine whether the technologies are appropriate for the needs of the university supervisor,... More

    pp. 247-271