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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

April 2012 Volume 20, Number 2


Richard Hartshorne

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Does Clicker Technology Improve Student Learning?

    David Fike, Renea Fike & Krystal Lucio, University of the Incarnate Word, United States

    This prospective, intervention-based study was conducted to assess the impact of in-class review methods on student learning outcomes in a course preparing pre-service teachers for the Texas... More

    pp. 113-126

  2. Video Production and Classroom Instruction: Bridging the Academies and the Realities of Practice in Teacher Education

    Dawn Hathaway & Priscilla Norton, George Mason University, United States

    In these times of high-stakes testing, pressure to meet annual yearly progress goals, and standards-driven classroom curriculums, today’s teachers face many obstacles that interfere with their... More

    pp. 127-149

  3. Interacting and learning together: Factors influencing preservice teachers’ perceptions of academic wiki use

    Maya Israel, University of Cincinnati, United States; Andrew Moshirnia, Harvard Law School, United States

    Academic wikis hold promise in supporting preservice teachers’ collaborative interactions in online contexts. Nonetheless, little is written in either technology or teacher education literature... More

    pp. 151-176

  4. Increasing Student Interaction Online: A Review of the Literature in Teacher Education Programs

    Georgianna Ravenna, Chris Foster & Carolyn Bishop, California State University Fullerton, United States

    Abstract Online education is one of the fastest growing trends in the use of technology. This study examined the role of student interaction in an online environment and implications for course... More

    pp. 177-203

  5. Reflections at Hand: Using Student Response System Technology to Mediate Teacher Reflective Thinking

    Lisa Waller, Newberry College, United States; Kellah Edens, University of South Carolina, United States

    The purpose of this study thus was to empirically investigate the association between teachers’ self-reported reflective practices and their use of student response systems. Analysis of responses ... More

    pp. 205-222