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Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

July 2010 Volume 18, Number 3


Richard Hartshorne

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Special Education Teachers’ Use of Assistive Technology With Students Who Have Severe Disabilities

    Cynthia Connor, Virginia State University, United States; Martha Snell, Bruce Gansneder & Sara Dexter, University of Virginia, United States

    Abstract Teachers’ integration of computer-based assistive technology has been linked to positive educational outcomes for students with disabilities. This study was conducted to identify factors ... More

    pp. 369-386

  2. Missed Opportunities, Misunderstandings, and Misgivings: A Case Study Analysis of Three Beginning English Teachers’ Attempts at Authentic Discussion With Adolescents in a Synchronous CMC Environment

    Susan Groenke, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, United States

    Despite the abundance of research reporting authentic, student-centered classroom discussion helps to increase engagement with literary texts and deepen students’ understanding of texts, little... More

    pp. 387-414

  3. Unpacking the “Total PACKage”: Emergent TPACK Characteristics From a Study of Preservice Teachers Teaching With Technology

    Kamini Jaipal & Candace Figg, Brock University, Canada

    Four pre-service teachers participated in a school-based collaborative initiative where they were supported by 2 university faculty members, a school board technology consultant and a Masters... More

    pp. 415-441

  4. Generational Attitudes and Teacher ICT Use

    Karen Pegler & Joan Kollewyn, Calgary Board of Education, Canada; Susan Crichton, University of Calgary, Canada

    This paper explores the impact of generational attitudes on teachers’ ICT use. Findings from the preliminary research suggest that when applications have a use or purpose that extends beyond the... More

    pp. 443-458

  5. Interns’ Use of Video Cases to Problematize Their Practice: Crash, Burn and (Maybe) Learn

    Cheryl Rosaen, Mary Lundeberg, Marjorie Cooper & Anny Fritzen, Michigan State University, United States

    This study investigated the following question: To what extent and in what ways does constructing a video case of their own discussion-based teaching help interns reflect on their teaching? First,... More

    pp. 459-488

  6. Preservice Mathematics and Science Teachers’ Inquiry Into New Literacy Practices of the Internet

    Mary Truxaw, University of Connecticut, United States; Mark Olson, Oakland University, United States

    This paper articulates features of Internet literacy practices that preservice mathematics and science teachers found compelling and important for their pupils’ learning. As part of secondary... More

    pp. 489-508

  7. Teacher Education Students’ Perceptions of the Value of Handouts Accompanying Teacher Educators’ Computer-Generated Slide Presentations

    Yesim Yilmazel-Sahin, Consultant, Center for Applied Linguistics, United States; Rebecca L. Oxford, University of Maryland, College Park, United States

    This mixed-methods study used interviews and a questionnaire to investigate the perceptions of 304 teacher education students regarding the learning-related value of handouts accompanying teacher... More

    pp. 509-535