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Journal of Interactive Learning Research

2021 Volume 32, Number 1


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Applying ADDEI Model to Develop a Computer-Assisted Vocabulary Acquisition (CAVA) Software

    Saad Alzahrani, University of York, United Kingdom

    This article presents a systematic instructional design procedure to develop a Computer-Assisted Vocabulary Acquisition (CAVA) software in a consistent and reliable way. The design process involves... More

    pp. 5-41

  2. Exploring the Differences Between Individuals and Groups During the Problem-Solving Process: The Collective Working-Memory Effect and the Role of Collaborative Interactions

    Rajagopal Sankaranarayanan & Kyungbin Kwon, Indiana University, United States; Yonjoo Cho, University of Texas at Tyler, United States

    Although collaborative learning is becoming a widely popular instructional method, little research has been undertaken considering human cognitive structures and their influence on the design of... More

    pp. 43-66

  3. The Digital Transition from Textbooks to Tablets in Saudi Arabia

    Nehaya Alhamed & Matthew Ohlson, University of North Florida, United States

    Technology has greatly impacted education around the world, including in Saudi Arabia. Educational technology supports teaching and learning processes, and its integration into schools supports... More

    pp. 67-98