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Journal of Interactive Learning Research

2020 Volume 31, Number 4


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Decomposing and Integrating Educational Games Research: Model-Master-Transfer (MMT) Framework

    Dominicus Tornqvist & Lian Wen, Griffith University, Australia; Jennifer Tichon & Tyge Kummer, Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Guangdong Bai, Griffith University, Australia

    Educational games research is a menagerie of different methodologies and paradigms. Mixed results in the literature are difficult to interpret due to the combination of different theoretical frames... More

    pp. 239-282

  2. Separating the Medium from the Message: Effects of Web- Versus Pencil and Paper- Delivery of the ABRACADABRA Intervention on Literacy, Motivation and Self-Esteem

    Kristen Sha, Western University, Canada; Robert Savage, University College London, United Kingdom

    This study reports a randomized control trial intervention investigating the impact of delivery format (computer versus paper) on students’ reading and spelling skills, reading motivation and self-... More

    pp. 283-317

  3. Elementary Teachers' Adoption of 1:1 Computing to Differentiate Instruction: Organizational Factors that Make a Difference

    Jillian Powers, Ann Musgrove, Susanne Lapp & Shernette Dunn, Florida Atlantic University, United States

    This study examined whether an adapted Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) helped explain the influence of organizational supports on elementary teachers’ adoption of one-to-one (1:1) computing for... More

    pp. 319-343