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Journal of Interactive Learning Research

2011 Volume 22, Number 2


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Reflection amplifiers in online courses: a classification framework

    Dominique Verpoorten, Wim Westera & Marcus Specht, Open University of the Netherlands, Netherlands

    This paper provides a theoretical framework for "reflection amplifiers" that are used in online courses. Such reflection amplifiers are intervention techniques that aim at provoking reflective... More

    pp. 167-190

  2. Levels and Patterns of Participation and Social Interaction in an Online Learning Community for Learning to Teach

    I-Chun Tsai, University of Akron, United States

    This study investigates how pre-service and in-service teachers participate in an online community for learning to teach. Members’ levels and patterns of participation and social interaction were... More

    pp. 191-239

  3. Linear Text vs. Non-Linear Hypertext in Handheld Computers: Effects on Declarative and Structural Knowledge, and Learner Motivation

    Chanhee Son, Korean Educational Development Institute, Korea (South); Sanghoon Park, Northwestern State University, United States; Minjeong Kim, Dankook University, Korea (South)

    This study compared linear text-based and non-linear hypertext-based instruction in a handheld computer regarding effects on two different levels of knowledge (declarative and structural knowledge)... More

    pp. 241-257

  4. Effects of modern educational game play on attitudes towards mathematics, mathematics self-efficacy, and mathematics achievement

    Albert Ritzhaupt, Heidi Higgins & Beth Allred, University of North Carolina Wilmington, United States

    This study investigated the effects of modern educational game playing on middle school students’ attitudes towards mathematics, mathematics self-efficacy, and mathematics achievement. Two hundred ... More

    pp. 277-297

  5. Virtual Campus in the Context of an Educational Virtual City

    Mikhail Fominykh & Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland, Program for learning with ICT, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; Mikhail Morozov & Alexey Gerasimov, Multimedia Systems Laboratory, Mari State Technical University, Russian Federation

    ** Invited as a paper from ED-MEDIA 2009 ** This paper is focused on virtual campuses, i.e. virtual worlds representing real educational institutions that are based on the metaphor of a university... More

    pp. 299-328