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International Journal on E-Learning

January 2019 Volume 18, Number 1


Gary H. Marks

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Integrating Flipped learning with Team-based learning in a Pre-service Teacher Education Course: Experiences and Outcomes

    Jieun Lee, Chosun University, Korea (South); Curtis J. Bonk, Indiana University, United States

    The present study investigated student learning experience and collaborative learning outcomes when enrolled in a flipped classroom setting integrated with team-based learning in a pre-service... More

    pp. 5-29

  2. Learning and the practice of social media in informal science education centers

    Lisa Lundgren & Kent J. Crippen, University of Florida, United States

    Both social media and informal learning spaces have the potential to foment knowledge-building. This article aims to bridge theory and practice with an analysis of the social media practices across... More

    pp. 31-52

  3. Embracing a Technologically Enhanced Environment: Teachers’ Experience Educating Students in an Always-on and Connected BYOD Classroom

    Alexander Murray, Ohio University, United States; Tian Luo, Old Dominion University, United States; Teresa Franklin, Ohio University, United States

    This study explored the lived experiences of teachers educating students in a bring your own device (BYOD) middle school setting, by which students’ have access to and use always-on and connected... More

    pp. 53-78

  4. Student Perceptions of the Influence of the COVA Learning Approach on Authentic Projects and the Learning Environment

    Tilisa Thibodeaux, Dwayne Harapnuik & Cynthia Cummings, Lamar University, United States

    This study examined perceptions of the influence of the COVA learning approach on authentic projects and the learning environment by Digital Learning and Leading students in an online graduate... More

    pp. 79-101

  5. Quality Indicators for Distance Learning: A Literature Review in Learners’ Perceptions

    Asimoula Valai, Denise A. Schmidt-Crawford & Kenneth J. Moore, Iowa State University, United States

    This paper identifies the quality themes of distance learning that arose from the learners’ perspective as reflected in the literature. The paper reviews literature through the four themes of 1)... More

    pp. 103-124