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Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education

2005 Volume 5, Number 2


Glen L. Bull; Lynn Bell; Chrystalla Mouza

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Our Agenda for Technology Integration: It’s Time to Choose

    Judi Harris, College of William and Mary, United States

    Two views of technology tools use exist. One emphasizes students using tools to obtain information, while the other emphasizes how students' content learning can be assisted with tool use. The... More

    pp. 116-122

  2. A Taxonomy of Technological Tools for Mathematics Instruction

    Terri L. Kurz, California State University, Bakersfield, United States; James A. Middleton & H. Bahadir Yanik, Arizona State University, United States

    The potential to use mathematics-based software as a tool to enhance student thinking and development is discussed and a taxonomy of tool categories is outlined. Briefly, there are five categories... More

    pp. 123-137

  3. Using WebQuests to Teach Content: Comparing Instructional Strategies

    Janet Strickland, State University of West Georgia, United States; Allison Nazzal, Allen Independent School District, Allen, TX, United States

    The purpose of this study was to compare the use of WebQuests with traditional instruction. Specifically, the study examined the end-of-unit exam scores for students who completed a WebQuest on... More

    pp. 138-148

  4. Exploring Technology as a Tool for Eliciting and Encouraging Beginning Teacher Reflection

    Molly Romano & Jonathan Schwartz, University of Arizona, United States

    As beginning teachers experience and process new information during their initial acts of teaching, reflection is an inherent part of the process. This study was designed to explore technology as a... More

    pp. 149-168

  5. Developing technology-integrated field experience sites in urban schools: Approaches, assumptions, and lessons learned

    Josh Radinsky, Kimberly Lawless & Louanne Ione Smolin, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States; Mark Newman, National Louis University, United States

    The Teachers Infusing Technology in Urban Schools project (TITUS) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is developing an approach for addressing the shortage of opportunities for teacher... More

    pp. 169-176

  6. A Five-Stage Model of Computer Technology Infusion Into Teacher Education Curriculum

    Cheri Toledo, Illinois State University, United States

    Three teacher education programs were studied to explore the process of infusing computer technology into the curriculum. The focus of this study was to define the stages that schools, colleges,... More

    pp. 177-191

  7. Educational Technology Research That Makes a Difference: Series Introduction

    Margaret D. Roblyer, United States

    With this article, CITE Journal introduces a series of examples designed to address one of the central problems of providing useful educational technology research: quality assurance. The entries... More

    pp. 192-201