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AACE Review (formerly AACE Journal)

January 2008 Volume 16, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Web Modules: Integrating Curricula and Technology Standards

    Carol Dawson, Alabama State University, United States

    The purposes of this article are to provide the sequence of learning events about the integration of curricula and technology using modules prepared by the Southeast Teachers Are Revitalizing... More

    pp. 3-20

  2. A Framework for Addressing Challenges to Classroom Technology Use

    Jennifer Groff, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States; Chrystalla Mouza, University of Delaware, United States

    Creating effective learning environments with technology remains a challenge for teachers. Despite the tremendous push for educators to integrate technology into their classrooms, many have yet to ... More

    pp. 21-46

  3. On the Cutting Edge (of Torpor): Innovation and the Pace of Change in American Higher Education

    Gordon Murray, Kent State University, United States

    This article considers the pace of innovation and technology adoption in higher education and suggests that the rate of change on 21st century campuses is remarkably similar to earlier centuries... More

    pp. 47-61

  4. The Development of a Holistic Online Course Development Model (Year 1)

    Forrest McFeeters, Antionette Moore & Irene Chief, Winston Salem State University, United States

    This article includes a reflection on the experiences, both positive and negative, in using a collaborative approach to the development of an online instructional design model. It outlines the... More

    pp. 63-75

  5. The Use of Computer Tools to Support Meaningful Learning

    Jared Keengwe, Muskingum College, United States; Grace Onchwari, University of North Dakota, United States; Patrick Wachira, Cleveland State University, United States

    This article attempts to provide a review of literature pertaining to computer technology use in education. The authors discuss the benefits of learning with technology tools when integrated into ... More

    pp. 77-92