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AACE Review (formerly AACE Journal)

2007 Volume 15, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. Digital Middletown Schools Project: A Glance to the Future

    Laurie Mullen, Bizhan Nasseh, O'Neal Smitherman, Dan Lutz & Vernon Draper, Ball State University, United States

    This article reports on the deployment of a high-bandwidth wireless network for content distribution to two schools. The project, titled Digital Middletown, builds upon the sociological Middletown ... More

    pp. 211-224

  2. The Digital Playground: Kindergarten Children Learning Sign Language Through Multimedia

    Kirsten Ellis, Monash University, Australia; Kathy Blashki, Deakin University, Australia

    The article discusses a study of 4-5 year old children's use of technology to assist and enhance the acquisition of a play lexicon within a formal educational setting. The new language system to be... More

    pp. 225-253

  3. E-Learning Today: A Review of Research on Hypertext Navigation

    Gail Hinesley, Chadron State College, United States

    Use of hypertext is pervasive in education today-it is used for all online course delivery as well as many stand-alone delivery methods such as educational computer software and compact discs (CDs)... More

    pp. 255-265

  4. Restricted Versus Unrestricted Learning: Synthesis of Recent Meta-Analyses

    Genevieve Johnson, Grant MacEwan College, Canada

    Meta-analysis is a method of quantitatively summarizing the results of experimental research. This article summarizes four meta-analyses published since 2003 that compare the effect of DE and... More

    pp. 267-278

  5. Evaluating Effectiveness of E-Blackboard System Using TAM Framework: A Structural Analysis Approach

    Ibrahim Abdalla, College of Business and Economics, United Arab Emirates University, United Arab Emirates

    "**Invited as a paper from E-Learn 2005**" Recently, the educational settings have witnessed a growing use of web-based ICT applications and courseware development tools to supplement traditional... More

    pp. 279-287

  6. Multimedia University: A Paperless Environment to Take the Challenges for the 21st Century

    Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz & Md. Sazzad Hussain, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia; Md. Shajib Khadem, Multimedia University, Malaysia

    Predictability of absolute data transaction for real time information and reduction of incalculable data delivery time are the major factors to lead the global education as well as economic system ... More

    pp. 289-314

  7. Factors Impeding Implementation of Web-Based Distance Learning

    Falowo Rasheed, The Federal Polytechnic, Computer Science Department, Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria

    Economic and technological changes are occurring at an accelerating rate in our information and communication-based society, making life-long learning for everyone a necessity. This is particularly... More

    pp. 315-338