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AACE Journal

1999 Volume 1, Number 11

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Distance Education: The Technology – What You Need to Know to Succeed, An Overview

    Ann M. Riedling, Spalding University, United States

    Distance education has become a core educational strategy in the 1990™s, with a reach that extends to a broad cross-section of institutions and curriculum providers. It has been shown that... More

    pp. 8-13

  2. Electronic Course Delivery, Virtual Universities and Lifelong Learning

    Philip Barker, University of Teesside, United Kingdom

    New computer-based storage and communications technologies are making possible many progressive methods for the creation and delivery of educational resources. The role and importance of ... More

    pp. 14-18

  3. An Analysis of Copyright-Related Legal Cases and Decisions: Implications to Designing Internet-Based Learning Activities

    Dave Dagley & Jiang (Joann) Lan

    The demand for Internet-based teaching and learning is growing, and the benefits of the great potential that the Internet offers is fundamentally transforming teaching and learning. Alternative... More

    pp. 19-24

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  4. Teaching via the Internet: A Brief Review of Copyright Law and Legal Issues

    Jiang (Joann) Lan & Dave Dagley, University of Alabama at Birmingham, United States

    During the past two decades, computer and information technology have become a dominant world force, moving economies and creating knowledge at an unprecedented pace. Perhaps the most vigorous... More

    pp. 25-30