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La motivación y el aprendizaje 423
Students’ Perceptions of Online Learning: A Comparative Study 336
Watch, Share or Create: The Influence of Personality Traits and User Motivation on TikTok Mobile ... 316
Blended Learning Environments: Definitions and Directions 244
Students Satisfaction with Online Learning Experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic 239
A Review of Benefits and Limitations of Online Learning in the Context of the Student, the... 238
What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? 209
Comparative Analysis of Learner Satisfaction and Learning Outcomes in Online and Face-to-Face... 198
Looking to the Future: Higher Education in the Metaverse 195
A systematic review of Virtual Reality in education 175
Teaching, Technology, and Teacher Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Stories from the Field 160
Digital Literacy: A Conceptual Framework for Survival Skills in the Digital era 153
Implementing large-scale instructional technology in Kenya: Changing instructional practice and ... 150
Complexity of ICT in education: A critical literature review and its implications 149
Effects of Online Games on Student Performance in Undergraduate Physics 149
The role of ICTs in higher education in South Africa: one strategy for addressing teaching and... 148
Issues in Distance Learning 132
Students’ Perceptions of Online Learning and Instructional Tools: A Qualitative Study of... 122
Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge 116
The SAMR Model as a Framework for Evaluating mLearning 112
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Creating Google Classrooms Using Bitmoji and Google Slides: An early Pandemic Pedagogical Response 3
Teaching & Learning in a Hybrid World. An Interview with Carol Twigg 3
Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: Conceptual Orientation 2
Online Resources for Young English Language Learners in Regular Classroom Settings 2
Networking to learn: blogging for social and collaborative purposes 2
Extreme (Class) Makeover: Engaging Information Literacy Students with Web 2.0 2
Unpacking the “Total PACKage”: Emergent TPACK Characteristics From a Study of Preservice Teachers... 2
Suan Dusit Internet Broadcasting (SDIB):-Educational Innovation in Thailand 2
Online Publishing: A New Online Journal on “Social Media in Education” 2
eUreka – A Digital Tool for Implementing Project-Based Writing Courses 2
Supporting the Online Adjunct in Higher Education: A Delphi Study 2
Creating Effective Interactive Tools for Learning: Insights from the PhET Interactive Simulations... 2
Blended learning in higher education: Students’ perceptions and their relation to outcomes 2
Digital Storytelling: A New Player on the Narrative Field 2
The Internet Goes to College. Pew Internet & American Life 2
Student Retention in Higher Education: What Role for Virtual Learning Environments? 2
The influence of integrating technology in language learning courses 2
Strengthening IT Curriculum by Improving Problem Solving Skills with Programming 2
ACT - A new game-based methodology for Anti-Corruption Training 2
Wikipedia Use in Research: Perceptions in Secondary Schools 2