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Sharing an Open Resource in Medical Education 8275
Technical Infrastructure of the COSMOS Portal 7740
The Academic Exception as Foundation for Innovation in Online Learning 6649
From Desktop to Web: Standalone CBT to Web-based Instructional Application 6520
The use of free, open-source, and web-based tools in education 5316
Open Source Software and the Invisible Revolution 5149
Students’ perspectives on e-portfolio development and implementation: A case study in Taiwanese... 5119
Addressing Contextual Adaptation in the Dissemination of Online Technologies: Using Moodle and... 4507
Supporting Online Knowledge Sharing with an Open-Source Tool in a Graduate Level Course 4283
Education and Information Technology 2012: A Selection of AACE Award Papers 3288
Sighting the International Space Station 2852
Roles and Importance of Multimedia in Higher Education 2734
Emerging Technologies in Learning: Impact on Cognition and Culture 2657
Practitioner’s Guide to Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge (TPACK): Rich Media Cases of ... 2617
Presentation Authoring Support considering Relationship between Slide Contents and Oral... 2612
Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2009 2363
Usage Analysis in Learning Systems 2332
Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2010 2292
Handbook of Games and Simulations in Teacher Education 2229
Educating the Mobile Generation – using personal cell phones as audience response systems in post... 2198
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Animated Pedagogical Agent: A Review of Agent Technology Software in Electronic Learning Environment 22518
Current m-learning Research: A Review of Key Literature 10738
Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Eight Keys to Success 8808
Automated Essay Scoring: Applications to Educational Technology 6166
What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)? 5866
Characteristics of Adult Learners With Implications for Online Learning Design 5315
Online Marking of Essay-type Assignments 5000
Social Presence Theory and Implications for Interaction and Collaborative Learning in Computer... 4522
Use of Wikis in Graduate Course Work 4500
Problems of policy formulation and implementation: The case of ICT use in rural women’s... 4490
An Introduction to Current Trends and Benefits of Mobile Wireless Technology Use in Higher Education 3971
Issues in Distance Learning 3456
Aligning Theory and Web-based Instructional Design Practice with Design Patterns 3124
The Study of the Application of a Web-Based Chatbot System on the Teaching of Foreign Languages 2630
The Future of Educational Computing Research:The Case of Computer Programming 2508
Lyssa --- An Authoring System Complying with E-Learning Standards 2505
CSIEC(Computer Simulator in Educational Communication): An Intelligent Web-Based Teaching System ... 2500
Uses and Gratifications Theory to Predict Use of Computer Mediated Communications 2500
Building an Ontology for Student Models of English As Second Language Essays: A Synthesis of... 2500
A Framework for the Assessing of Intercultural Communicative Competence: A Mixed Approach 2500
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Strengthening IT Curriculum by Improving Problem Solving Skills with Programming 1306
How Video Games and Digital Literacy Impacts Student Achievement and Development: An Analysis of ... 153
Use of Social Software to Address Literacy and Identity Issues in Second Language Learning 64
Where Do I Go When I Don’t Know What to Do: Using the Internet to Create a Virtual Learning... 63
Computer Graphics Instruction in VizClass 63
Attaching information to space to avoid plagiarism: the development of a web and mobile based... 60
Education and Information Technology 2012: A Selection of AACE Award Papers 54
Educating the Mobile Generation – using personal cell phones as audience response systems in post... 51
Interactive Multimedia Hazardous Materials Training and Certification 44
Emerging Technologies in Learning: Impact on Cognition and Culture 41
Boundaries and Bricolage: Examining the Roles of Universities and Schools in Student Teacher... 41
Development of ARCS Motivation Model Based System for Instructional Improvement 40
Mediated and Situated Engineering Education 40
Leveraging New Media Skills in a Peer Feedback Tool 40
Personalizing an On-Line Course to Address Individual Student Needs 40
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Internet for the Delivery of an MBA Programme 38
Supporting Preservice Teachers with Asynchronous Ill-Structured Scenarios 38
International Perspectives of E-Learning for Teacher Development: Policy and Planning Issues 36
Informal mobile learning for cognitive behavioral obesity therapy: motivation level 35
SITE's Digital Fabrication Initative 34