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Toward a Conceptual Model for Statistics Anxiety Intervention

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Eastern Educational Research Association,


EncStat is a multimedia program under development that is designed to identify students with statistics anxiety or negative attitudes towards statistics. The purpose of this study was to develop a conceptual model of the current state of knowledge related to statistics anxiety intervention and to use that model to catalog and evaluate the small body of literature on which EncStat is based. The literature base was used to construct an initial conceptual model that included general categories of anxieties, theories, and models used as research foundations, empirical indicators, contextual factors, interventions, and outcomes. The overall number of coded elements in the concept map was examined by document, and the depth of coverage observed in the corpus of published literature was determined. The depth of coverage for each element of the conceptual map was reviewed. Findings show that a disproportionate number of documents focused on intervention, and a paucity of documents addressed theory and models. Findings also show the need to delineate additional categories of the conceptual model in some areas and the need to obtain more information on outcomes. An appendix lists the 32 literature sources reviewed. (SLD)


Watson, F.S., Kromrey, J.D. & Hess, M.R. (2003). Toward a Conceptual Model for Statistics Anxiety Intervention. Presented at Eastern Educational Research Association 2003. Retrieved July 21, 2019 from .

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