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Back to the future for higher education: Medieval universities

Internet and Higher Education Volume 4, Number 1, ISSN 1096-7516 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


Most universities and colleges do not resemble medieval universities in their faculty, students, organization, curriculum, and physical campus. However, there is increasing evidence that higher education is in a process of transformation. Institutions of higher learning, including public colleges, are becoming more business-like, more like virtual and corporate universities, and are heavily engaged in retooling their products. Global universities, virtual universities, and corporate universities are together adapting new technologies to academic needs. Higher education is becoming more affordable, is moving away from buildings and campuses, is focusing on developing the critical thinking skills of students, and is developing superstar faculty. These changes have their roots in medieval Paris and Bologna. In short, higher education is becoming more medieval.


Byrd, M.D. (2001). Back to the future for higher education: Medieval universities. Internet and Higher Education, 4(1), 1-7. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved November 26, 2022 from .

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