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Computers in schools: Moving education out of the child into the machine

Internet and Higher Education Volume 1, Number 2, ISSN 1096-7516 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


New technologies are two-edged swords—their immediate benefits are generally accompanied by harmful side effects that are long term and difficult to predict. This paper examines one possible side effect of using computer technology for learning. It is argued that the pattern of externalizing skills that is part of the character of computers results in an atrophying of many of the most essential inner qualities that students need to develop. A number of examples are given from the author's own experience, mostly involving use of the Internet for communication purposes. It is suggested that we must pay much closer attention to the ways in which these new technologies restructure human activity if we are to understand their full effects on learning.


Monke, L. (1998). Computers in schools: Moving education out of the child into the machine. Internet and Higher Education, 1(2), 147-155. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved March 22, 2023 from .

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