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Decades of CALL Development: A Retrospective of the Work of James Pusack and Sue Otto

CALICO Journal Volume 27, Number 3, ISSN 0742-7778


In this article, the author describes a series of projects that James Pusack and the author engaged in together, a number of them to develop CALL authoring tools. With their shared love of technology and dedication to language teaching and learning, they embarked on a long and immensely enjoyable career in CALL during which each project evolved into the next, forming a continuum of development activities that spanned three decades. James Pusack was a smart, funny, creative, entrepreneurial, optimistic, generous man. The author knew Jim for more than 30 years, and, starting in 1976, she collaborated with him professionally in CALL development. Jim came to Iowa in 1974 as an Instructor of German, specializing in 18th century literature. He was still finishing his dissertation, "German Monologic Fiction in the Eighteenth Century." However, shortly after he began his career at Iowa, the department assigned him the task of exploring computer-assisted instruction (CAI). It was then when they began to collaborate on software development.


Otto, S.E.K. (2010). Decades of CALL Development: A Retrospective of the Work of James Pusack and Sue Otto. CALICO Journal, 27(3), 435-442. Retrieved December 7, 2019 from .

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