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Celebrating Cajun Cultures with Multimedia

, McNeese State University, United States

EdMedia + Innovate Learning, in Seattle, WA USA ISBN 978-1-880094-35-8 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Waynesville, NC


This area of the Southwestern Louisiana is reputed for its unique arrays of Cajun culture. Several groups of school teachers have created a series of computer multimedia projects on Cajun cultures under the guidance of a faculty member at McNeese State University. They have completed multimedia projects in their educational technology courses and brought these projects back to their school to teach their students Cajun cultures through electronic platforms. These multimedia projects provide an abundant information of Cajun culture--the history of the Acadians, the Acadian's traditions and festivals, music, and language. The user is able to navigate the Cajun cultures by various buttons and hypertext links. This paper focuses on celebrating Cajun cultures with multimedia using Director Ò , and the instructor's project-based learning strategy in building and completing final products.


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