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A cultural approach to networked-based mobile education

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International Journal of Educational Research Volume 46, Number 3, ISSN 0883-0355 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd


This paper discusses cultural conditions for networked-based mobile education. In our paper, we demonstrate how an Integrated Meta-Model that we have been developing in our MOMENTS project, i.e. Models and Methods for Future Knowledge Construction: Interdisciplinary Implementations with Mobile Technologies, can be used as a heuristic tool for research and pedagogical practice with technology, drawing attention to such cultural and pedagogical aspects and relations which are easily left unnoticed. This Integrated Meta-Model consists of four levels: (i) cultural discourses and practices; (ii) pedagogical models and principles; (iii) action, and (iv) individual acts and activities. These four conceptual levels are complemented with three main components of the model, namely culture, interaction, and adaptability. To concretize our approach, we are presenting findings from four case studies conducted as a part of our MOMENTS project. Finally, we hope to undermine the technological deterministic thinking by reminding that there is a more fundamental cultural change taking place behind the rapid technological development and its pedagogical application.


Koskimaa, R., Lehtonen, M., Heinonen, U., Ruokamo, H., Tissari, V., Vahtivuori-Hänninen, S. & Tella, S. (2007). A cultural approach to networked-based mobile education. International Journal of Educational Research, 46(3), 204-214. Elsevier Ltd. Retrieved April 1, 2023 from .

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