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E-Halagat: An E-Learning System for Teaching the Holy Quran

Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology Volume 9, Number 1, ISSN 1303-6521


Recently, there has been a great interest in Islamic software that try to harness computer to serve the religion. This brought about some applications and programs for the Holy Quran and its sciences, Hadith "[image omitted]" (Prophet's Tradition) and its methodology, Fiqh "[image omitted]" (Islamic jurisdiction), and Islamic law in general. However, these computer-programs, especially those developed for the sake of the noble Quran are still limited and have been focused on a direct application of the Information Technology techniques, such as storing, listening, searching, etc, without using more elaborated techniques in the domain. To contribute in the improvement of these efforts, a project for Computerized Teaching of the Holy Quran (CTHQ) is initiated. It aims to introduce advanced techniques and methodologies to develop an appropriate environment for self learning of the Holy Quran and its sciences. Different sub-systems are being developed separately and will then be combined together to set up this environment. This paper presents the design and development of one of these subsystems devoted to teaching how to recite the noble Quran and to memorize it in a manner similar to the usual way followed in the Quranic schools and rings at mosques, known in Arabic as "halagat" ([image omitted]).


Elhadj, Y.O.M. (2010). E-Halagat: An E-Learning System for Teaching the Holy Quran. Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 9(1), 54-61. Retrieved August 22, 2019 from .

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