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When Technology Is a Rockin', Opportunity Starts a Knockin'

College and University Volume 86, Number 3, ISSN 0010-0889


The stone age of college and university admissions was characterized by paper, snail mail, large file rooms, and cumbersome admission processes. Even more frightening to recall is that only fourteen short years ago, approximately 36,000 applications for admission to Michigan State University arrived hand printed on paper in sealed envelopes. Mere application processing time, including mail handling, data entry, and document fling, averaged at least 30 minutes per application. In contrast, most universities today have converted to electronic applications. This technological advance saves as much as 20,000 work hours per year for large universities, liberating at least ten staff members to perform other key tasks. Consider other benefits of the electronic application process: the need for expert handwriting interpretation is eliminated; the number of data entry errors is reduced; and application processing time is shortened significantly.


Cook, C.M. (2011). When Technology Is a Rockin', Opportunity Starts a Knockin'. College and University, 86(3), 47-49. Retrieved June 7, 2020 from .

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