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Electronic BeeSpace

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Science Teacher Volume 78, Number 2, ISSN 0036-8555


Recent press coverage of the decrease in worldwide honeybee population (Kaplan 2010) has significantly increased public awareness of its ecological and economic importance. In addition, honeybees' social nature, novel method of gender determination, distinctive caste system, and behaviorally and chemically based language make them immediately interesting to students. This Idea Bank describes Electronic BeeSpace, an online video curriculum resource focused on bee biology. The recent completion of the genome of the most commonly domesticated honeybee, "Apis mellifera," (Weinstock and Robinson 2006), makes this resource all the more timely. (Lists 2 online resources.)


Stone, D., Buell, J. & Naeger, N. (2011). Electronic BeeSpace. Science Teacher, 78(2), 58-60. Retrieved August 22, 2019 from .

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