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Much Ado About Culture

, University of Georgia, United States ; , Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil ; , Universidad Automata de Aguascalientes, Mexico ; , Unversidad de Veracruz, Mexico ; , Centro Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico, Mexico

EdMedia + Innovate Learning, in Toronto, Canada ISBN 978-1-880094-81-5 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Waynesville, NC


In an earlier article, Amiel, Squires and Orey (2009) described four strategies for handling the inherent cultural content of learning objects or open-educational resources. In this paper, we use images from educational materials and discuss how the four strategies might have found a better way of implementing the content. In addition, we examine each image from a US, Brazilian and Mexican perspective.


Orey, M., Amiel, T., Muñoz, J., Rojano, R. & Santaolaya, R. (2010). Much Ado About Culture. In J. Herrington & C. Montgomerie (Eds.), Proceedings of ED-MEDIA 2010--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications (pp. 4026-4033). Toronto, Canada: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved September 26, 2022 from .