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Using Adventure and the Internet for Environmental and Global Education

, National Geographic, United States


For the past 20 years National Geographic writer, filmmaker and adventurer Jon Bowermaster has been using the media - books, films, magazine stories and now the Internet - to bring the world along as he explores the remote corners of the world. He and his team have reported (always interactively via the Internet!) from Antarctica, Vietnam, the Aleutian Island, French Polynesia, Gabon, Tasmania and more. The interesting thing for Bowermaster has been to watch, during the past decade, as technology - both camera-wise and web-wise - has made leaps and bounds even while he is still out there using the same form of transport, sea kayaks. Using these many years of adventure, this talk is packed with photos, videos, and stories that extend Web-based learning well beyond any classroom to stimulate thinking about what is possible for environmental and global education online. For the past decade he has focused on the health of the world's ocean and the lives of people who live and depend on it; his daily blog - NOTES FROM SEA LEVEL, - gives a sea-level look at how they are doing.


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