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Blurring Roles: Participation Trends in Media and Education TALK

, Learning Technologies Centre, University of Manitoba, Canada


Ours is an era of active involvement and participation. Technically, tools are now readily available for increased engagement in media and learning. Participation opportunities allow for greater closeness: readers to authors, gamers to game creators, the “masses” to the experts, the governed to the politicians. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band enable the current generation to experience and participate in music from previous generations. Sites like Ohmynews enable a populace to create and filter news. Sites such as Many Eyes allow amateurs to explore and visualize enormously complex data sets. The promised revolution of democratic access to, and participation in, information and the tools to make sense of that information now appears conceptually possible.

While the potential for increased participation through technology is generally acknowledged, the impact and educational use are less often a focal point. This session will explore the blurring roles of content creation and consumption, exploring points of impact, future trends, and likely impact on education as a whole.


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