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Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2022

, Curtin University, Australia ; , Middlesex County College, United States

Published . Publisher: AACE2022.


Central to SITE’s mission, this handbook is one way for us to disseminate our expertise and knowledge generation in technology and teacher education across a global context. The SITE 2022 annual conference was a special one, marking our first in-person gathering since 2019. It was energizing to welcome attendees in San Diego and online to once again share their research. The quality of scholarship at the conference was excellent, and SITE is proud to bring you the pa- pers selected to be in this year’s edition of Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education. Our senior editor book editors, David Gibson and Marilyn N. Ochoa, have been working on assembling this collection organized around varied topics from technology integration and teacher beliefs to simulations and robotics. Not only do these manuscripts represent the scope of topics within SITE, but the authors and research locations exhibit how international our community is. We hope that you find this 14th valuable.


Gibson, D.C. & Ochoa, M.N. (2023). Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2022. AACE2022. Retrieved September 24, 2023 from .