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Looking ahead to a new technology era: Thriving in post pandemic instruction

, , University of Cincinnati, United States


As technology has become more sophisticated, the role that technology plays in connecting users has become more diversified as well. Sometimes technology acts as the facilitator by linking participants and promoting collaborations. Sometimes technology directly interacts with users by demonstrating the ability to reason, perform tasks, and make decisions, thus changing the way users construct knowledge and develop critical thinking. The topic of user interactions and learning technologies has been trending nowadays because of the coronavirus pandemic. Schools, universities, and businesses have had to adapt to an uncertain and ever-changing environment. Now, more than ever, educators and researchers are seeking ideas to enrich curriculum, diversify instruction, and revamp professionalism.
With the pandemic unleashing new possibilities and unexpected pitfalls at the same time, this presentation focuses on how technology makes interaction more dynamic and also how interaction reshapes itself with technology in the new era. Covering a wide range of disciplines including Social Sciences, Media Studies, Communications, Information Technology, Computer Sciences, Teacher Education, etc., this presentation introduces a variety of practices in industry, K-12 schools, higher education, and government, and aims to inform various stakeholders such as instructional designers, teachers, and researchers on current practices and future directions of instructional technology.


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