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Knowledge-driven actions: Transforming higher education for global sustainability

, UNESCO, France

Published . Publisher: UNESCO922, Paris, France.


With 2030 less than a decade away, it is paramount to think critically and act urgently if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Higher education institutions are uniquely positioned to contribute to the social, economic and environmental transformations that are required to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. This report thoroughly discusses the role of higher education institutions in contributing to the 2030 Agenda, through a focus on three interrelated themes:

  1. the need to move towards inter- and transdisciplinary modes of producing and circulating knowledge;
  2. the imperative of becoming open institutions, fostering epistemic dialogue and integrating diverse ways of knowing; and
  3. the demand for a stronger presence in society through proactive engagement and partnering with other societal actors.


Parr, E.a. (2022). Knowledge-driven actions: Transforming higher education for global sustainability. Paris, France: UNESCO922. Retrieved December 9, 2023 from .