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Rethinking Learning in a Digital Age - EDUsummIT 2017 Summary Reports

, University of Otago, College of Education, New Zealand ; , University of Amsterdam, Department of Child Development and Education, Netherlands ; , University of North Texas, Department of Learning Technologies, United States


This ebook is a collection of outcome reports by thematic working groups (TWGs) of EDUsummIT 2017 held from September 18-20, 2017 in Borovets, Bulgaria. EDUsummIT (International Summit on ICT in Education) is a global knowledge building community of researchers, educational practitioners, and policy makers committed to supporting the effective integration of research and practice in the field of ICT in education. The theme of the EDUsummIT 2017 was Rethinking Learning in a Digital Age. This theme was inspired by the celebration of the international project Children in the Information Age initiated in 1985 in Bulgaria.


Lai, Editor, K.W., Voogt, Editor, J. & Knezek, Editor, G. (2017). Rethinking Learning in a Digital Age - EDUsummIT 2017 Summary Reports. EDU. Retrieved December 8, 2022 from .