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Facilitating Disciplinary-Specific Knowledge Sharing: A Case Study of a Dementia Library

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World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning,


There is a lack of technology that facilitates disciplinary-specific knowledge dissemination in the medical sector specialties. In several countries there is a shortage of medical staff with the proper education to take care of patients. However, modern mobile- and web technology pave the way for new online knowledge sharing platforms which could help remedy this problem. This study investigates how an interface of a mobile e-library, aimed at sharing disciplinary-specific (dementia in our case) knowledge, could be designed. It also examines how care workers perceive it and if they could be willing to adopt the technology in the future. This study was carried out at Svenskt Demenscentrum, a non-profit Swedish organization with the purpose of disseminating and collecting knowledge concerning dementia. The prototype was designed using the double diamond design process. This included an initial literature study and state-of-the-art analysis, which was followed by two co-creation workshops with professional care workers. The final design was created iteratively with feedback from a focus group. A total of four sessions with the focus group were organized. The findings of the usability testing suggest that the study participants perceived the interface as both useful and easy to use. This result also indicates that the users, according to the Technology Acceptance Model model, would be willing to adopt the technology if fully developed.


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