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Virtual Reality Game for Introducing Pencak Silat

, , , Universitas Multimedia Nusantara


The culture of the Indonesians is truly diverse and widely known by worldwide community. One of the cultures is the martial art called pencak silat. Pencak silat is considered as a martial art because each movement includes art. There are many Indonesians pay less attention to this martial art. Therefore, in this paper, we try to create a media to introduce pencak silat. One of the media that can be used is a rhythm game with virtual reality technology. Virtual reality rhythm game is played by hitting the incoming object in accordance of the song being played. Player can hit that object by using pencak silat’s movement corresponding to the incoming object. The movements used in this game are “pukulan lurus”, “pukulan sangkal”, “tebangan”, and “dobrakan”. We evaluate this game by using Hedonic-Motivation System Adoption Model or HMSAM modelling to determine the satisfaction level of the player. The behavioral intention to use and immersion obtained by using HMSAM are 78.61% and 77%, respectively


Sampoerna, J., Istiono, W. & Suryadibrata, A. (2021). Virtual Reality Game for Introducing Pencak Silat. International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved January 20, 2021 from .