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IoT-Based of Automatic Electrical Appliance for Smart Home

, Hasanuddin University ; ; , , Hasanuddin University ; , Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences ; , Hasanuddin University


The remote control system on electrical equipment in the room can be fulfilled through the internet as an IoT (Internet of Things) implementation. All devices managed from one interface, so home appliances management delivered quickly and conveniently. The main contribution in this research is IP based controlling for rooms with control lights and vertical curtains, and also the temperature of the air conditioner (AC) with IoT Technology. The used hardware is Raspberry Pi 3 as a server, Relay, motor stepper, IR led Transmitter, and temperature sensor DS18B20. For implementation, an android application is built by MIT App Inventor 2. The results show that all features function correctly, but each device responds with a different delay value. Delay time response of a lamp, vertical blind, and AC is up to 1.5 sec, 2.1 sec, and 1.6 sec, respectively.electrical appliances, IoT, controlling system, smart room


Areni, I., Waridi, A., Amirullah, I., Yohannes, C., Lawi, A. & Bustamin, A. (2020). IoT-Based of Automatic Electrical Appliance for Smart Home. International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved November 28, 2020 from .