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RSS-based Indoor Positioning Using Convolutional Neural Network

, , , Electrical Engineering Department, Ecole Normale Supérieure de l’Enseignement Technique, Mohamed V University, Rabat


Indoor Positioning has come under the spotlight in the last decade due to the increasing of location-based services demands. RSS Wi-Fi based positioning using the fingerprinting technique is widely used due to its low hardware requirements and simplicity. However, multi-path and fading cause random fluctuations of collected RSS values which affects the positioning accuracy. For this purpose, we propose an indoor positioning system based on RSS and convolutional neural network. This approach aims to improve accuracy by reducing the noise and the randomness of collected RSS values from a wireless sensor network. We implemented and evaluated our system using a single floor and multi-grid dataset. Our proposed approach provides a room and grid prediction accuracies of 100% and a mean error of location estimation of 0.98 m.


El Abkari, S., Jilbab, A. & El Mhamdi, J. (2020). RSS-based Indoor Positioning Using Convolutional Neural Network. International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved November 28, 2020 from .