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Unique and Universal Proteins in Human Genome

, , Computer Science Department, Faculty of Information Technology, Zarqa University, Zarqa, Jordan


One of the major troubles with a comparative analysis between human and other species is that only similar amino acid sequences are selected for analysis. To find the connection among the species and find out the unique, the common and the universal proteins, the entire genome of 40 species are compared with the human genome which is utilized as reference genome. More than 11 billion pairwise alignments are performed using blastp. Several findings are introduced in this study, for example, we found 330 unique proteins in human genome and have insignificant hits in all tested genomes, the number of universal proteins in human genome and conserved in all tested species is 82, and there are 180 proteins common in vertebrates genomes, but have insignificant hits in the other tested species. In contrary to the previous studies which use selected set of the genes and do not consider the whole genomes, this study proves that the similarity between human and chimpanzee is only 94.8.


Al-Daoud, E. & Albesani, G. (2020). Unique and Universal Proteins in Human Genome. International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved October 29, 2020 from .