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Development of Online Teachers-Student Consultation Application

, , Centro Escolar University ; , St. Jude College Manila ; , Perpetual Help College ; , Arellano University


This research presents the development of online teachers-students consultation application. A need assessment was conducted to determine what subjects, which activities, respondents’ preference and attitude towards face-to-face and online consultation. These gathered data were treated using the descriptive method while the v-model was used during the development cycle. Java, web services and several web technologies installed in computer with i3 processor, 4GB DDR III RAM and with 500GB hard drive were the tools utilized in the application. Essentially, the study was able to develop an alternative to the traditional way of meeting the students physically to address academic difficulties, curricular and extra-curricular needs.


Ayo, E., Montero, D., Dote, D., Villanueva, L. & Verano, C. (2020). Development of Online Teachers-Student Consultation Application. International Association of Online Engineering. Retrieved July 11, 2020 from .