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Experiences of mobile learning in rural contexts


World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning,


The possibilities of mobile learning began to draw attention in the educational field, especially in the countries of emerging economies, for two fundamental reasons, on one hand, the penetration of mobile telephony in the population and on the second hand, the importance that has taken the mobile phone in everyday life. This has allowed new ways of approaching formal knowledge, through new emerging technologies; as the mobiles are. It is worth highlighting the fact, that some countries such as (France and Chile) have opted for non-usage policies and even prohibition of mobile phones inside the educative environments, while in other countries like (United States, Colombia, Argentina) there is a growing concern for the implementation of mobile learning in different educational areas. This suggests that certain circumstances must be faced while the implementation of this type of technology, on the one hand, the issues related to classroom distraction and on the other, student’s motivation and interest in academic subjects and matters. The rural context away from the traditional dynamics of incorporation and technological integration, welcomes a new possibility in the usage of mobile technology in education. However, the research of experiences related to these possibilities, in fact, create more questions than answers; due to the lack of structural, systematic and systemic foundations of mobile learning spotted and glimpsed in the literature reviewed.


Zambrano, J. & Orrego, E.R.a.T. (2019). Experiences of mobile learning in rural contexts. In Proceedings of World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning 2019 (pp. 110-117). Retrieved February 8, 2023 from .