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Navigating the Shortcomings of Virtual Learning Environments Via Social Media

, , School of Distance Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia

IJVPLE Volume 9, Number 2, ISSN 1947-8518 Publisher: IGI Global


It is undeniable that the higher education landscape worldwide has changed with the emergence of virtual learning environments (VLEs). These systems offer learning space and resources for teachers and students regardless of time and place. Although they significantly contribute to the achievement of learning objectives and outcomes, their usage is generally limited. This article uncovers the shortcomings of the use of VLEs for language learning in several Malaysian institutions of higher learning. It also aims to highlight the use of social media in addressing the barriers. Adopting a qualitative approach, data were gathered via in-depth interviews. Employing the dimensions proposed by Chun, Kern and Smith, the hindrances related to VLEs were examined. The findings revealed that instructors faced obstacles linked to the technology, students' experience and expectations as well as language learning environment. Social media helped them in addressing these obstacles.


Murugaiah, P. & Yen, S. (2019). Navigating the Shortcomings of Virtual Learning Environments Via Social Media. International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments, 9(2), 1-14. IGI Global. Retrieved March 1, 2021 from .