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Fatal Encounters

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Research in Social Sciences and Technology Volume 4, Number 1, ISSN 2468-6891 e-ISSN 2468-6891 Publisher: Research in Social Sciences and Technology


Research has been conducted for several decades on the framing of stories in the media.  This article looks at the way newspaper articles report on and frame the deaths of unarmed people of color at the hands of law enforcement and security personnel from 1999-2017 to determine if local and national print media frame these stories using similar terminology and concepts.  Tabular, graphical, and statistical analysis all demonstrate that local and national newspapers do not use similar terminology and concepts. 


Jacobsen Koepke, D., Thomas, D. & Manning, A. (2019). Fatal Encounters. Research in Social Sciences and Technology, 4(1), 30-50. Retrieved February 5, 2023 from .